Based on the decision of the European Commission, the signatories of the ADR Convention are obliged to introduce and issue unified ADR certificates, which after the completion of one or more of the compulsory courses, confirm the professional competence of the drivers of motor vehicles for transport of dangerous goods. This document describes the components and functionalities of the program solution
for issuing ADR certificates confirming the qualifications of drivers of motor vehicles for carrying dangerous goods transport.

The main purpose of the solution is to electronically submit requests for ADR certificates and the possibility for electronic collection, receipt and processing of requests for issuance of ADR certificates, preparation of data for the preparation of certificates and their personalization, introduction of a national registry for ADR certificates and running required records. These new ADR certificates will be prepared in accordance with precisely defined and defined rules in the document Directive 2006/126 / EC.

The solution itself consists of several parts of which are:

  • Module for managing the national registry of issued ADR certificates by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  • Module for submitting electronic requests for ADR certificates and performing electronic payment for the services.
  • Client application for managing ADR certificate data.
  • Customization Module for ADR Certificates.

The solution also offers the ability to monitor the status and validity of already issued certificates. At the same time, these certificates will have the same format as the European national driving licenses and will meet the ISO 7810 ID-1 format.

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