Procurement of Software for Integrated Border Management (ISIGU)

The Information System for Integrated Border Regulation is the basic mechanism that enables the National Coordinative Center for Integrated Border Regulation to:

– coordinate activities related to the border regulation
– exchange data and information among state bodies responsible for border regulation
– coordinate the activities during emergency situations
– coordinate activities in the cross-border cooperation related to the border regulation

The project of ISIGU involves 13 institutions, ministries and the National Coordinative Center for Integrated Border Regulation. From the logic aspect the ISIGU is centralized in a manner that the system is uniformed and rational, while from the physical aspect it is distributed with a local server for every member institution. Service oriented architecture (SOA) is used as a basic functional methodology, thus the data offered by the system are realized as web services.
The system is build from number of modules, but the core of the ISIGU uses BizTalk Server 2006, having all the services created as BizTalk applications that involve specific business logic and appropriate workflow processes. These BizTalk applications are published as web services and the communication with them is done via the XML messages exchange protocol – SOAP.
Besides the core, the ISIGU includes a web portal consisted of number of modules integrated in one unit, which is used for exchange of data and information between the liaison officers. The basic modules that are integrated in the web portal are the user’s management, service administration, notifications module and the search of new services module.
The exchange of data, information and documents within the ISIGU is in compliance with the Law for Exchange of Classified Information that ensures a legal warranty for protection of personal data, classified information and access to public information.