Parking Solution

Vista Group’s Parking Solution is build on most inventive software technology and offers the most intelligent parking management and enforcement software. This powerful piece of software is capable of providing reliable and timely parking data.
Built on a relational database foundation, our solution is one of the most advanced, industry-compatible technologies and is capable of automating all functions required by parking management.

Our Parking Solution is full of features and modules that work together as one complete and complex IT solution. That is what separates our system from the rest on the market. It is modern, fast, secure and very easy to use. Beside this fact, the satisfaction of our clients is an indicator of the quality of our parking solution and the professional service that Vista Group provides.
The solution includes:
Parking machines for purchase of tickets that are very easy to use…
Which enables configuration of parameters for the TVMs…
Validation of parking tickets and properly parked vehicles…
Management of contracts for issuing residential parking cards…
Generating different types of reports for every service provided…
Call center with experienced operators and specialized software…
Designed for end users and supported by various mobile phones…
Developed using the latest technologies in web development…

This solution can be used at every closed parking lot, parking area or multi-store parking lot. It is also suitable for hotels, sport, culture or business facilities – simply everywhere where vehicle movement control in restricted areas, traffic regulation and detailed parking fee payment accounting are needed.
Thanks to its variability and modularity, the solution can be used from the smallest parking lot with just a few parking spaces up to complex of multi-store parking facilities for thousands of cars with many entries and exits.
The entrance barrier used in the solution allows end users to enter the parking area by taking a ticket, which is printed on the spot, or by validation of their resident contactless card using the card reader/validator.

The back office application enables users from the parking company to make the needed adjustments to the ticket vending machines directly from their office without physically visit them. This is a web-based solution so the modifications to the TVMs can be made any time any place, the only thing you need is an internet connection. This module also includes a functionality for tracking security related information.

Provided functionalities:
Map with detailed information and status for every TVM
Defining parking zones and parking lots
Performing control over the amount of money in the machine
Configuration of opening and closing hours of the TVMs
Modification of prices for parking services in different parking zones
Management of users, parking cards and transactions on the machines in general
Sending notifications regarding the status of a certain TVM
Direct communication with the TVM with the ability to send specific commands
System logs and security logs

Following the latest technological trends on the market, we realized that this solution had to include a mobile application that allows end users to use the services from their mobile phones. That is why we developed this mobile application. It is designed so that it can work on different phones and platforms. Our mobile application enables end users to become active participants, allowing them to interact with the application in a way that is useful, entertaining and engaging. The system also provides the ability to pay for a parking card by sending SMS, which is convenient for users with simpler phones.
Provided features:
Users are able to buy parking tickets using their phones
Ability to send complaints with picture evidence at the time of the happening
Reservation of parking spots and making an electronic payment for the service
Getting information on all of the available services
Compatible with different mobile phones and operating systems
Upgradeable for new features
Payment for parking services by manually sending SMS for older phones Similar words existed in middle english dissertation help service and french as early as the fourteenth century.