E – Avtobuska

This software solution is the first Macedonian portal for electronic sales of bus tickets. The E-Bus system is a complex system with the task of enabling the sale of an electronic ticket whereby passengers can travel to the buses of the transporters that carry out the transport within the Macedonian bus stations. The centralization of the bus stations includes communication with 27 bus stations across the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Communication with the internal software at the bus stations is enabled, thus centralizing the solution for the sale of electronic tickets. The same can be accessed from the link: http://e-avtobuska.mk .

The purpose of the unification offered by the E-Bus system is to realize a solution that manages and manipulates the information within all bus stations in the Republic of Macedonia. Bus stations around the country in their work often have implemented their own internal software and databases and do not have any automated coordination with the other bus stations. Therefore, communication with bus stations is with web services that have been previously specified.

The application is available through the WEB and via the mobile platform for smartphones (Android and iOS).

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