Banking ATM

Our ATM solution is a best-in-class solution which exceeds expectations by not only offering advanced services such as bill presentment, fast loans and money vouchers, but also a cutting-edge personalised customer experience at the Automated Teller Machine.

With state-of-the art technologies we leverage the full capabilities of both the ATM and kiosk, allowing your bank to take advantage of these low cost, powerful and nimble channels. We install ATM software client into each device, taking full control over the teller machine and providing intelligence and personalisation for every interaction with your customers. By doing this, we are able to create and deploy cutting edge features right there, giving you more control as well as more freedom to adapt to clients’ expectations and market changes. By empowering internet-like functionality on the ATM and kiosk your bank can reduce the cost of serving customers by moving them from high cost channels such as branch to these newly enhanced and lower cost channels which are simple and convenient to use.