Banking Document Management System (BDMS)

BDMS is a comprehensive multi-user Document management and workflow automation solution that helps storing, organizing, indexing and retrieving various types of documents the bank deals with in its day-to-day work..

The whole project was consisting from the following:

  • Business Analysis
  • Database design
  • Architecture of the system
  • System Development
  • Software testing
  • Production Implementation
  • Training
  • Maintenance Support

Using the BDMS, the bank no longer needs to manage multiple systems. The system contains many different modules based on real banking processes. Some of these processes include:

• Centralising the loan application processing/sanctioning activities
• Automating production and posting of letters and documentation
• Automating decision-making on excesses and automated action of consequence
• Automating the process for openning banking accounts
• Automate the credit sanctioning process using credit scoring techniques
• Process for generating a risk management plan