Digital Tachograph System in Republic of Macedonia

The scope of this system is management of the following business processes:
– exchange and checking data with the European net TACHOnet,
– receiving and processing requests for issuing cards for digital tachografs,
– generating electronic keys,
– administrative processes,
– identity control of the applicant,
– processing data for the purpose of making the cards,
– personalization of the memory cards,
– support for issuing cards and
– specific recording.

The applicative solution consists of number of modules, having the CMS (Card Management System) as the basic part of the application. CMS is an online module consisted of in detail analyzed business processes for regulation of the administrative procedures used for management of the tachografic cards between the bodies for issuing tachografic cards and control bodies. A two-way exchange and control of data between the Republic of Macedonia and the member countries of the EU was included for the purpose of integration of these processes. This means continuous interaction with the European TACHOnet network, consisted of 150.000 users.
The module represents service oriented architecture (SOA), with services created according to the specifications of the European Committee, defined by the European TACHOnet system. The core of the module are bases of the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 and XML messages and acts as a security system for information exchange including authentication, data validation during the message transformation, login on and revision, for sending XML requests and receiving XML answers from the Slovenian TACHONet and TACHONet Brussels, where the access of 8.000 to 12.000 passive users is regulated. This module is created using the Microsoft technology and protocol for web services exchange SOAP 1.2. The module itself is tested and certified by the appropriate international institutions.
The other modules are support of the CMS application and enable ways of card preparation and control of issued cards. This system includes: Application for issuing memory tachografic cards MK-CIA (Application for clients with database and services for recording, reception and issuing of cards), Application for TACHONet, application for monitoring (web application for monitoring issued cards), Application for data preparation for card visual personalization and the chip personalization.

As a part of the tachografic system is the PKI infrastructure which keys are certified and signed by the ERCA (European Root Certification Authority). The equipment itself is suited in a system hall that is certified and has IKT standards ISO 27001 and ISO 14000.
This system has also the DataCard personalization equipment and the appropriate additional software for creating and personalization of the digital memory cards.