The Electronic Payment System – eNAPSIS is a complex system that enables electronic payments. This is a system that uses the fundamental concepts of the e-payment, system that enables to the citizens an alternative for safe and fast way of payment of services, using the Internet and mobile phones as means of payment.
The system for execution of electronic payment of services is based on Microsoft Technologies and uses service based infrastructure to execute the transaction operations. The system is designed to be modular and to enable easy addition of functionalities. It is constructed to be a form of a Gateway that will supply the service providers with different forms that enable execution of electronic payments.

To ensure high security and functionality, the whole system is divided in several independent processes:
– System for executing payments – Payment Portal, which represents the core of the system and contains internal modules for the service suppliers –service providers and payment providers;
– System for generating daily reports;
– System for Managing payments;
– System for executing payments via call center.

The mobile providers, fixed phone providers, international systems for credit cards operations, etc. can use the Internet as a payment tool. With assistance of eNAPSIS, it is enabled to buy products for example (administrative stamp-duties) by sending SMS message or a call to the central, as well as use of payment cards (VISA, MASTER, MAESTRO, etc.) via the Internet.