PSUPro is custom made application for the MOI (Macedonia) and the Sector for Internal Control (SIC). It represents a desktop application working in private network. PSUPro enables the SIC to run and administrate criminal, and any other kind of cases for the employees at the MOI. This application provides manipulation of Word documents and pictures as evidences and notes during one investigation. The only way to start the PSUPro is to have the USB drive with the unique key that is applied during the user-creation process. This project is developed by the Macedonian MOI Law for SIC investigations. As other features there are: automatic alarms for deadlines, custom made reports, latest news display and many more. PSUPro is not public available for reviewing.
Programming Tools: C# .NET 2.0 (Visual Studio 2005, Win Forms), Crystal Reports, IBM DB2, Win Server 2003)