The scope of this system is data exchange among governmental institutions, with which five state institutions have been connected, i.e.: Agency for Real Estate Cadastre, Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia, Public Revenue Office of the Republic of Macedonia, the Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia. The Data Interexchange System – Interoperability, supplies integration and connection among the state institutions, registers and data bases in the state institutions, removing the obligation of different institutions to collect already collected data or data that are collected by other institutions, which considerably improved the coordination and efficiency of the institutions in this area.

The applicative solution is derived from the Model of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and consists of different modules that use the BizTalk Server 2009 as the core system. Information and data that are exchanged within the system of Interoperability has been developed as BizTalk applications that are defined as specific business processes with appropriate logic, published as web services, using the XML messages SOAP 1.2. exchange protocol.

The security is one of the highest criteria in the data exchange process, thus each request and answer forwarded through the web services, has to bi signed with digital signature and encrypted. The exchange of keys is executed through the keys of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) of the Ministry of Information society and Administration.

The system allows different types of access, precisely – user access via the web portal that enables simple and express access to the services offered by the System of Interoperability. The web portal supports 5.000 passive users to log on to the system using users credentials and digital certificate for authentication and authorization and “system to system” communication that enable institutions to integrate the services offered by the System of Interoperability in their own internal information systems. Jahrhundert gilt masterarbeit schreiben lassen erfahrene ghostwriter als zeitalter des klassischen liberalismus, da er diese zeit prägte wie keine andere denkströmung.