System of Electronic Forms

The system of Electronic Forms enables the citizens and companies users of the services of the institutions involved in the project to reduce the work with paper forms. Thanks to the complex web services on which this system is based, it helps the institutions to connect in a uniform system of electronic forms, where the employees have access to the data related to their business process requirements. In this system the following institutions have been included: the Public Revenue Office, the Health Insurance Fund, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice – Direction for recording registration certificates, the State Statistical Office, the Employment Agency and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The system is designed in such a manner so when a new form is being filled, it sends a notice to the responsible persons in the corresponding institutions and it is stored in the correspondent form library. Some of the forms have digital signatures, thus sending of these forms is possible only if it is signed with digital certificate issued by the authorized issuers of digital certificates.

The system of electronic forms is a web solution, based on Microsoft Office Sharepoint technology as a central portal of all institutions involved in the project, connected via business processes. This platform enables flexible establishment of the portals for all institutions involved in this project and tools for their managing which eases the collaboration through aggregation, organization and search. This type of document management system enables the visitors to create their own conventional look of the pages. One of the most important characteristics of Microsoft SharePoint is its close compatibility to the Microsoft Office Applications.