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Web Application

The development of techniques and technologies in the world enables easier and more efficient living of users of the same. The realization of activities that previously required the physical presence of individuals are slowly enabled in the homes of the users. Thus, one of the motives for making the E-Bus system is providing timely and easily accessible delivery of bus tickets, completely avoiding the inefficient sale of bus tickets at the counters.

The E-Bus system is a complex system with the task of enabling the sale of an electronic ticket whereby passengers can travel to the buses of the transporters that carry out the transport within the Macedonian bus stations. The centralization of the bus stations includes communication with 27 bus stations across the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Communication with the internal software at the bus stations is enabled, thus centralizing the solution for the sale of electronic tickets. The same can be accessed from the link: http://e-avtobuska.mk/.

The purpose of the unification offered by the E-Bus system is to realize a solution that manages and manipulates the information within all bus stations in the Republic of Macedonia. Bus stations around the country in their work often have implemented their own internal software and databases and do not have any automated coordination with the other bus stations. Therefore, communication with bus stations is enabled with the help of web services that have been previously specified. Such inclusion of bus stations requires cooperation between a number of professionals in order to achieve the goals.

Additionally, there are bus stations that do not use internal softwares for their work, but keep the records of the data in a primitive manner. For these bus stations, the E-Bus system has provided special modules with which these bus stations directly have the possibility to connect to the centralized system.

All bus stations can continue their existing modes of operation, so the sale of tickets at the counters still flows uninterruptedly. Electronic tickets are additionally provided as a more accessible and faster solution for buying a ticket. In doing so, various adjustments have been made between bus stations and the E-Bus system in order to carry out successful communication.

In its operation, the E-Bus System includes a web application developed with the technologies of the Microsoft .NET platform in the C # programming language.

Mobile Application

Implementation of a mobile application that is fully integrated with the existing system E-Bus (http://e-avtobuska.mk), which additionally enables simple and fast use of services on the side of the end users. Bearing in mind the target groups of users that would use this pending application is that the implementation contributes to the increased use of the already established system for the purchase of electronic tickets.
The application supports the two most represented platforms in the world that use smartphones, iOS and Android.
The primary purpose of the application itself is to provide a simple and fast way to purchase electronic tickets for international and international road transport, with electronic payments being made through this application.
Secondarily, through the notification system that is a part of the implemented solution, end users are able to obtain useful travel information, information about various discounts, introduction of new lines, news, etc. The use of the application is made exclusively for registered users who need to register when installing the application on their mobile phone.
At the same time, users have the opportunity to have a detailed overview of the already purchased active one-way tickets, return tickets, open return and monthly tickets, use the option for canceling the ticket, and also have history history for all previously purchased tickets.