Parking Solution

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Vista Group’s Parking Solution has dramatically changed the parking industry in the Republic of Macedonia by packaging the most inventive software technology together to offer the most intelligent parking management and enforcement software available. This powerful piece of software is capable of providing reliable and timely parking data.

Built on a relational database foundation, our solution is one of the the most advanced, industry-compatible technologies and is capable of automating all functions required by parking management.

This software manages and compiles data to provide information in a meaningful format. It is based on a number of self-sustaining software modules that give you the flexibility to choose the functions needed for your operation.

All data is stored on the Database Server located in an ISO 27001 certificated Data Center which provides very strict and limited physical and internet access to it. The data is completely secured and is kept in accordance with the law for protection of personal data.


Beside offering every technological resource available in the Parking Ticket Management industry today, we are very proud of our commitment to service and long lasting relationships with our clients.

We offer the most comprehensive and efficient computerized parking ticketing software and parking back-office system available to municipalities, colleges, universities, shopping malls, hotels, restorants, airports today!


Our Parking Solution is full of robust features and modules that work together as one complete and complex IT solution. That is what separates our system from the rest on the market. It is modern, fast, secure and very easy to use. Beside this fact, the satisfaction of our clients is an indicator of the quality of our parking solution and the professional service that Vista Group provides.

The solution includes:

  • Parking machines for purchase of tickets that are very easy to use…
  • Which enables configuration of parameters for the TVMs…
  • Validation of parking tickets and properly parked vehicles…
  • Management of contracts for issuing residental parking cards…
  • Generating different types of reports for every service provided…
  • Call center with experienced operators and specialized software…
  • Designed for end users and supported by various mobile phones…
  • Developed using the latest technologies in web development…


The system its self is build and based on flexibility, availability and modularity. By modularity we mean the capability to expand the system according to customer needs, supporting scenarios where multiple municipalities are in need of our servers, for which we are able to make data and process separation and yet the system will work under same roof.


The ticket vending machines (TVM) we use in our solution are configured to support a complete array of payment options that make the parking experience more convenient for the consumer: bills, coins, credit cards, contactless smart cards.

They are easy to use and allow consumers to interact in a number of languages using a large color LCD screen. The system basically guides the user throughout the entire process of buying a ticket or making a transaction using a contactless smart card.

  • Our parking solution enhances operational efficiency in a number of ways.
  • These modern TVMs include a big color LCD display that can be easily configured for playing commercials, using guids, music videos etc.
  • Payments can be made using bills, coins, credit cards or contactless smart cards. If the payment is made in cash the machine returns the exact amount of change if needed.
  • They can be programmed to communicate in multiple languages. Customers should only click the appropriate button on the screen to select their language…
  • Thank you! Merci! Ви благодариме! Hvala! Danke! Ju faleminderit! Благодаря!
  • Beside paying for parking services, the TVMs can be used for buying or refilling a contactless smart cards that provide many bennefits and discounts for the end users.
  • Our modern ticket vending machines also require less maintenance and fewer collection resources than other simular solutions that can be found on the market.
  • The machines can be configured remotely from the back office application, obviating the need for a time-intensive visit to each unit when some parameter needs to be modified.


The TVM devices used in our solution are designed for either outdoor or indoor applicattions. One of the main characteristics of these TVMs is their design that allows integrating a large number of peripheral devices without having to redesign large pieces which gives this model great versatility and increases the applications field. The TVMs are equipped with touchscreen multi-language displays which also support the sunlight readable screen option.

  • 12” TFT LCD display with touchscreen capability
  • Coins validator with high level of protection
  • Bills validator with high level of protection
  • Payment with contactless cards
  • Read/write option for contactless cards
  • CashBack ability with 2 types of coins
  • Partitions for coins with ability to control the remaining amount of coins
  • Safe for the partitions and cash boxes with safety lock


The TVMs used in our solution contain high quality components, such as TFT LCD touchscreen divided to 4 main horizontal sections, keyboard for entering credit card PIN codes with 32 bit RISC Processor, 2 MB Flash, 512 KB SRAM and RS-232 Interface, a card reader that can read cards with magnetic stripe or chip cards ((ISO 7816, ISO 7811), SCD-2500 contactless card reader which is a product from AshaiSeiko USA, a thermal printer that prints with speed of 220 mm/s etc.

  • Case built from non rusting steel
  • Intruder alarm system
  • Anti vandal protection
  • Video monitoring option
  • Additional power supply system
  • Thermal printer able to print bar codes
  • Optional 1D/2D bad code reader
  • Working temperature: -10oC to +55oC
  • Humidity: 5% to 85%


This solution can be used at every closed parking lot, parking area or multi-store parking lot. It is also suitable for hotels, sport, culture or business facilities – simply everywhere where vehicle movement control in restricted areas, traffic regulation and detailed parking fee payment accounting are needed.

Thanks to its variability and modularity, the solution can be used from the smallest parking lot with just a few parking spaces up to complex of multi-store parking facilities for thousands of cars with many entries and exits.

The entrance barrier used in the solution allows end users to enter the parking area by taking a ticket, which is printed on the spot, or by validation of their resident contactless card using the card reader/validator. The users need only to press the red button or put their resident card next to the card validator.

The parking garage and barrier solution is integrated with the Ticket Vending Machines described in this brochure. These machines are used in the process of payment for entry tickets where the users choose payment with cash, credit card or using a pre-paid contactless card.

The solution includes an Occupancy Management System with LCD displays that show the number of free parking spots in total. If the parking garage is full and there are no free parking spots, the entrance barrier will not be opened until some vehicle exits the parking lot. Each parking spot can have a green/red light installed that will be showing if the parking spot is occupied or free.

Our Ticket Vending Machines can also be integrated with parking garage and barriers solutions. This type of system works for parking lots with multiple levels and practically unlimited number of parking spots. When a car arrives at the barrier, the customer can press a button to get an entry ticket with a bar code/magnetic stripe or if he is a resident, the system will validate pending payments and the permission for entering the parking lot. That means that the parking barrier also includes a contactless card validator.

Key features of the barrier solution:

  • The customer has time to find a parking spot and leave the parking garage for free after X minutes. The “X” parametar can be configured in the back office application.
  • The users can enter the parking lot either by taking a parking ticket or using a resident card.
  • The payment method is post-paid which means that the user pays for the parking ticket using the TVM once he wants to leave the parking lot.
  • The entry tickets can be paid using the TVMs located in the parking lot, where the user can pay using coins or bills, credit cards or a contactless pre-paid card.
  • LCD displays that show if there are free parking spots available.
  • Two-color lights that will indicate if a certain parking spot is free of occupied.


The back office application enables users from the parking company to make the needed adjustments to the ticket vending machines directly from their office without having to physicly visit them. This is a web based solution so the modifications to the TVMs can be made any time any place, the only thing you need is an internet connection. This module also includes a functionality for tracking security related information.

Provided functionalities:

  • Map with detailed information and status for every TVM
  • Defining parking zones and parking lots
  • Performing control over the amount of money in the machine
  • Configuration of opening and closing hours of the TVMs
  • Modification of prices for parking services in different parking zones
  • Management of users, parking cards and transactions on the machines in general
  • Sending notifications regarding the status of a certain TVM
  • Direct communication with the TVM with the ability to send specific commands
  • System logs and security logs


The supervision application is a mobile application developed for the supervisors who validate the vehicles parked in their parking zone. This application can be configured and adjusted for mobile smart phones, mobile computers, PC tablets etc.

This module of the solution includes fast SOAP web services so when the supervisor uses this application, a connection is established with the central database server and the validation of the parked vehicle is done in real time.

Features of the module:

  • The supervisor checks if a vehicle is properly parked simply by entering the vehicle’s license plate
  • Easy to use with touch screen devices and devices with keyboards
  • The applicaion includes different types of user roles
  • Issuing parking tickets for inproper parking
  • Management of towing requests
  • Control of vehicles that have resident parking cards
  • Upgradable for adding new services and features


The resident application is developed for management of contracts between the parking company and the citizens that live or work in appartments or offices located in a ceratain parking zone. This part of the solution also includes a finance module that provides generation of various financial reports. All of the data included in a certain contract can also be changed using the call center services or the appropriate electronic form from the company’s website.


  • Managing different types of residental contracts signed between the parking company and residents or companies
  • Specifying permission for different types of user roles in the application
  • Automatic calculations of total price and rates
  • Ability to send notifications for one or multiple residents
  • Automatic creation of contracts ready to be signed
  • List of overdue payments and sending a payment reminders


The system also implements various scenarios for using contactless smart cards aka Propriety Cards, such:

  • Assigning resident users for easy and fast contract payments
  • Using all sort of discounts defined in the system
  • Possibility for using deferent applications on them which will allow integration with other payment system.
  • Usage for indoor, closed and open parkings


Reporting is one of the key features required in our solution and it is fully featured to generate a number of different types of reports. The reporting module provides the necessary details required by operators, managers or supervisors for any time period.

Our solution gives you the ability to create an annual interactive report, which is an ideal tool to communicate in an efficient way and at lesser costs. This module is so easy to use that even a user with low IT experience will be using it like a professional in no time.

The reporting module provides many types of detailed reports where the data is filtered and sorted according to the selected parameters, such as general reports, reports regarding financial turnover, statistical reports, reports on daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis etc.

Beside generation of detailed reports, the system also provides graphical view of the data from the reports. These graphical reports where the data is viewed using pies, vertical stripes or tubes have potential to convey information for some users more effectively than text-based reports.

The generation of reports in the solution is done on-line and in real time. The reporting module provides export of the data from a generated report into a specific file type. This module of the solution is very flexible so in the future new types of reports can be added very quickly.


Our professional call center is fully prepared to meet all of your call center needs with our live agent service and state-of-the-art technology. We have worked with a variety of industries to build dynamic programs that answer the call center needs for each of them. Our agents use unique call center software developed for the parking industry which is securely connected to the database of the Parking Management Solution. The call center has the capacity for servicing 328 phone calls at the same time.

Services provided by the call center:

  • Ability to choose an agent that speaks a certain language
  • Automatic machine with information regarding different services provided by the Parking Company
  • Reservation of parking spots
  • Filing a complaint or a compliment on the services
  • Requesting information if a vehicle is in the towing depot
  • Reporting improperly parked vehicles
  • Submitting requests for resident parking card contracts
  • Modifying data from the contracts signed between the Parking Company and citizens/companies
  • Requesting answers to specific questions from the agents


Following the latest technological trends on the market, we realized that this solution had to include a mobile application that allows end users to use the services from their mobile phones. That is why we developed this mobile application. It is designed so that it can work on different phones and platforms. Our mobile application enables end users to become active participants, allowing them to interact with the application in a way that is useful, entertaining and engaging. The system also provides the ability to pay for a parking card by sending SMS, which is convenient for users with simpler phones.

Provided features:

  • Users are able to buy parking tickets using their phones
  • Ability to send complaints with picture evidence at the time of the happening
  • Reservation of parking spots and making an electronic payment for the service
  • Getting information on all of the available services
  • Compatible with different mobile phones and operating systems
  • Upgradeable for new features
  • Payment for parking services by manually sending SMS for older phones